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Vesanto LED Chandelier

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Vesanto LED Chandelier


The Vesanto’s strong geometric form and simple, clean lines are the result of designer and in house engineer Simeon Chilvers study of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes, together with hexagonal forms in nature. Chilvers took the basic shape and allowed geometry and aesthetics guide the outcome. Available as a single or up to eight tiers, the Vesanto emits light through a pearlised diffuser placed along the internal side of each hexagon. Bespoke options and design service available. 

Light luxury chandeliers bring you an elegant lifestyle,

Using simple geometric lines to create the art of stainless steel

Stainless steel lamp holder, rust proof and anticorrosion

LED light source soft light, high transmittance, energy saving and environmental protection


Product Name: Vesanto LED Chandelier

Item NO.: D5061


  • Size: Dia 40cm/ ∅8″
  • Size: Dia 60cm/ ∅6″
  • Size: Dia 80cm/ ∅5″
  • Size: Dia 100cm/ ∅4″
  • Size: Dia 120cm/ ∅2″
  • Size: Dia 150cm/ ∅59″
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 40 + 60cm
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 60 + 80cm
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 80 + 100cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 40 + 60cm + 80cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 60 + 80cm + 100cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 80 + 100cm + 120cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 100 + 120cm + 150cm
  • 4 Tiers size: Dia 40 + 60cm + 80cm + 100cm 
  • 4 Tiers size: Dia 60 + 80cm + 120cm + 120cm 
  • 4 Tiers size: Dia 80 + 100cm + 120cm + 150cm 
  • 5 Tiers size: Dia 40 + 60cm + 80cm + 100cm + 120cm
  • 5 Tiers size: Dia 60 + 80cm + 100cm + 120cm + 150cm
  • 5 Tiers size: Dia 40 + 60cm + 80cm + 100cm + 120cm + 150cm
  • Control Method: Stepless Remote Dimming
  • Material: Stainless Steel+ Silicone Gel
  • Irregular hexagon shape. Standard profile size: 19x19mm/0.75″. 
    Bespoke options available.Up to 6 tiers. from 40 to 120cm diameters. Integral LED lighting.
    You are welcome to contact us for customized layers and sizes
    Hanging - Fully adjustable drop height on 1.2mm stainless
    steel suspension cables.
  • Finish: Titanium gold
  • Lamp Source : LED Strip Lights
  • Power: Different size different
  • Lighting Area: 5-30 Squre meters
  • Process: Electroplating, Polish
  • We can provide OEM service and welcome your customized product order and self -designed drawings.
  • Made in China
  • We ship to world wide, so don't worry and just rest assure to place the order. If you want to see the real lamp photos,please just feel free to contact with us at
  • This led Chandelier can use to:
  • USA  110volt. This light is  certified
  • EU / UK  220~240volt. This light is  certified
  • AU / NZ 220~240volt  certified
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