Notice! Please read it before shopping!

Notice! Please read it before shopping!

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To all our new or old dear customers,

14th, Oct,2021

Now last month by our regular free shipping time for your reference:

To USA it takes about 30-45days,

to Canada, about 40-50days,

To Australia, about 25-45days.

To Asian countries, about 25-45days.

To Middle East countries, about 40-60days.

To European countries, 40-60days.

Other countries, 50-65days.

If your items are urgent, please feel free to contact us at and we will find a good solution for you. 

Since the conoravirus pandemic is still very serious, and the delivery time is variable per day,please make an inquiry before ordering if you care about the delivery time seriously. We will appreciate it.

****About the shipping policy and tax please refer to shipping policy 

*****Regarding refund, please refer to Refund Policy.


24th,September, 2021

1st-7th,OCT is our National holiday and during the holiday, there is no delivery service.Please kindly note.Many thanks. On 8th,Oct, the first container to USA will leave the port. So please place the order befor 27th,Sept  if you are urgent for it. We will appreciate it.

16th,September, 2021

From 19th-21st,Sept is our Mid-autumn day and during the holiday, there is no delivery service.Please kindly note.Many thanks.

29th,April, 2021

Now all the commercial freight costs such as DHL.FEDEX, UPS, OR TNT are rising too much, every day has a different price,and all our system can not alternate as the changes promptly. And all the extra cost is not accurate.Please make an inquiry before placing an order since 29th,April.  Or we will arrange it by regular shipping as usual. Regular free shipping methods also suffer a big delay and we can not expect it. Sometimes more than 60days. You can make an inquiry before ordering. If don't agree, we suggest you not to place an order. If you need urgently, please inquiry about the DHL/UPS and choose these shipping method. Many thanks.

Now the regular free shipping method takes at least 50-60days after sending. If don't agree please don't place the order.

****About the shipping policy and tax please refer to shipping policy 

*****Regarding refund, please refer to Refund Policy.

29th,March, 2021

Latest News: EMS and ETK has stopped picking up goods so please don't choose "Fastest Shipping By EMS/ETK 7-20days" service since 29th,March,2021.

For their flights are full of goods and they can not bear such big quantity of goods transportation. When it will recover the service, we will inform you.


25th,March, 2021

Please note that now by EMS or ETK after 25th,Feb,2021, there is a delay and delivery time is 25-40days. If you mind,please don't place the order.Many thanks. 


Many thanks for your support in the past year. We appreciate your polite and kind shopping in our online store. May you have a happy family, high incoming work and fruitful life in 2021.

Now we inform you we will go on CNY holiday from 21st,Jan-21st,Feb. And all the orders since 20th, Jan will be shipped after 21st,Feb.Please kindly note. Since EMS and other fast China Air Mail has stopped picking up goods. Sea freight has refused to receive the parcel over 90cm length.

If any questions, you can feel free to contact us at or whatsapp: +85-18688146282  we will apprecaite it

Many thanks.


As the recovery of all the delivery methods all around the world, our Belecome Lighting Supply also is trying our best to improve our delivery methods and provide best customer experience to our customers. Now we are cooperating with our fastest forwarders to solve the long time delivery problems with lowest cost. Now our respectful customers just need to pay a little money to enjoy this fatest delivery.

By Fastest Deilvery DHL/UPS/FEDEX:

To Australia,USA,Canada, Some European countries, we have 5-10days fastest delivery service to meet different customers' urgent requirement. Different items and different countries have different cost, the cost on our online store calculated automatically is not acurate, so please text us to confirm the cost before ordering at or whatsapp: +86-18688146282.

By EMS/ETK fast delivery:

1. To Australia, just need 7-20days

2.To USA or Canada, just need 15-30days

3.To European Countries like UK, Poland, France,Italy, Germany and so on ,just need 20-35days.

For some other countries, still need 30-45days,please check with us before placing an order.

By Free shipping Regular DDP delivery method:

1. To Australia, just need 40-45days

2.To USA or Canada, just need 30-40days

3.To European Countries like UK, Poland, France,Italy, Germany and so on ,just need 30-40days.

For some other countries, still need 40-60days,please check with us before placing an order.

Reminder: Please choose the right delivery methods as your requirement. And we welcome you to text us anytime at or whatsapp: +86-18688146282


Forget the below information:

Under the impacts of Covid-19,Do your company have any special Solutions to deal with the delivery?And How long does it take?

As we all know, this epidemic is unpredictable, and it is also difficult to control. Due to the crazy spread of the epidemic, transportation has been delayed more or less in many countries, some countries have been as long as 4 months. In response to this situation, our company has also taken positive measures since May 8th, and has achieved significant results in the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries. At present, our DDP emergency transportation solutions, from the date of our freight forwarding,delivery to the United States only takes 30-35 days to arrive. It only takes 30-40 days to reach European customers. It will still take 45 days for China postal parcels to reach customers in Australia or New Zealand. Other countries still need 40-60 days. Under this epidemic, we are also striving to finding a more rapid and effective solution to solve the transportation problem. We hope that all our customer friends can wait for your parcels patiently and overcome this difficulties together during this hard time. We are very grateful. Millions of thanks fromm all our Belecome staffs.

To all our new or old dear customers,

China air mail free shipping will make a big delay: it takes more than 60days to USA and Europen countries, so please wait for it patiently.

In order to solve this problem, from 8th,May, we will use our special solution and channel. It just takes 30-40days to arrive in USA and European countries but it depens on the lockdown of your country or city. Your understanding will be highly appreciated. If you can not agree,please don't buy. Many thanks.

Since the warehouses of EMS and E-Fast are in a jam and flights are becoming less and less, we have stopped receiving the orders choosing EMS or E-fast service so far.When you place an order,please don't choose these two delivery method.Some items we support DHL/UPS/FEDEX free shipping,please check the detail in the description. If not clear, you are welcomed to make an inquiry.

If you need it urgently, please choose UPS/DHL/FEDEX service.However we also can not guarantee you the exact arrival date because now the coronavirus infection are expanding so violently and many flights have been cancelled. We also sincerely hope and pray this situation can pass away fast and everything recovers to normal quickly.

Most of our items are in stock. And we can send them to you within 3-5days since we need to do the final test and pack them well before shipment by ordering date. If you need the items urgently, you can message us at whatsapp: +86-18688146282 or Line. We can make it as an urgent order and do it first. The only free shipping method is regular china post but it will take at least 20-30days so please think over it before you place an order.If you need it urgently,please don't choose this service instead of the DHL/UPS/Fedex 8-10days service.

  • please confirm your delivery address and supply your telephone number in order that the carrier can reach you before delivery.
  • Certain products cannot be shipped due to their size or weight and are available only for local pickup.
  • All price shown on the web site is without sales tax. Custom duties or other extra import charges in the destination country are in charge of buyers.

PS: If you choose UPS/DHL/Fedex Service and the item's value is over 22USD, there maybe generate duty tax and this doesn't include into the sales price. So you need to handle this cost by yourself.Please kindly note.

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Best Regards,


Sales Manager,



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