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Lighting Supply in China

Lighting Supply Experience
As a lighting supply, we have more than 10 years experience on it since2009. We have over 10000SQ showroom and warehouse.
In addtion, we have supplied to more than 30,000 customers in the world. We have more than 2000 items of lighting products and sexy nightgowns at stock.
Belecome Brand
Belecome can send out any items within 3-7 working days and deliver them to anywhere in the world within 60 days. The delivery to Asian,USA,Canda and some of European Countriescan be only with 15 working days.
Belecome is a new brand registered in United States in 2017. It is the combination of the first letter of this faith. "Belief,Experience,Liability,Efforts,Customers offer me expections."
Actually Belecome is a union of several factories located in China since 2005. They have the same faith and common ideals, - provide all the qualified products to the customers.
Why Us & Our Service
Now we have provide all the lights to our customers by drop-shipping. Lights covers from light bulbs, led lights,chandelier lighting. We have a large numbers of pendant lamp, wall lamp,and floor lamp. We also send sexy nightdress, underwear,lingerie,nightgown,sleepwear robe to them. Some customers also request us to provide sportwears and sports suits for them.
Here we can guarantee all the products from us will be from the factories. They all are with cheapest price and best quality. The technique supports and service after-sales are in charge by the factories.
Now we are not stopping enlarging our products. We aim to provide more and more best products which are all the first hands from the factories. We also hope to provide best service to all our customers.
We trust we will do it better and better on this kind of drop-shipping mode with our cooperated customers. We also offer OEM lighting service. We welcome our customers to providedrawings or design idea to us. Then we will help you to make your dream come true.
In our principle, quality first,customers first. We all welcome the customers all aound the world to join us and enjoy all the best service from our system.