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Belecome can send out any items within 3-5 working days and deliver them to anywhere in the
world within 60 days. The delivery to Asian,USA,Canda and some of European Countriescan be only with 15 working days.
Belecome is a new brand registered in United States in 2017. It is the combination of the
first letter of this faith. "Belief,Experience,Liability,Efforts,Customers offer me expections."
Actually Belecome is a union of several factories located in China since 2005. They have
the same faith and common ideals, - provide all the qualified products to the customers.

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We often say "Action speaks louder than voice.That's why it's easier to... 

Floor Lamps

If you have a chandelier or pendant light in your living room,then... 

  • Lovely Pendant Lamps

    Suspended ceiling lights also allow versatility in terms of decorating options, as they can be installed as a single fixture or grouped in a row to brighten a larger area.

    Pendant Light 
  • Decorative Wall Lamps

    Sconces and swing arm wall lights are the ideal way to add layers of light as well as bring the light source exactly where you need it for reading, working or accenting art. Whether your style is traditional, modern, Tuscan, French, antique, industrial, nautical, shabby chic, Craftsman,

    Wall Lamps 
  • Awesome Ceiling Light

    Ceiling lighting is more than just gorgeous chandeliers and discreet recessed lights; it's arguably the most practical and efficient way to light a home. Ceiling lights can illuminate entire rooms with minimal obstruction

    Ceiling Light