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LED Strip Lights Multicolor WS2811 Smart Digital Pixel light 5V

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LED Strip Lights Multicolor are made from of integrated WS2811B IC smart magic led strip lights.LED strip lights multi colour work at DC5V and can be programmed by arduino software. It is a new type of led strip lights rgb. Each 5050 includes a WS2811B IC in it. Each led is a pixel. So we also call it as pixel led light. This WS2811 led strip can make many effects and it acts as a magic strip. As a kind of smart led strip, it play a big role in decoration of home, bar, restaurant,motel and party. This strip lights multicolor are made from refined double layer copper FPCB. Now we have two colors of FPCB; white and black.


1. Product Name: LED Strip Lights Multicolor WS2811 Smart Digital Pixel light 5V

2. Light source: SMD 5050 LED;

3. Plate: FPCB;

4. Chip: Taiwan Epistar chip;

5. IC model: WS2811/WS2811B, (each led has IC in it);

6, gray scale: 256 levels, (one led one pixel,one point);

7, LED number: 30led/m,60led/m,144led/m, each light is a group, can be cut;

8. Luminous angle: 180 °;

9, luminous color: can be adjusted to white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. by the controller;

10.Standard working voltage: DC 5V;

11.Power: 30led/m ± 10% / meter;18W ± 10% / meter;43.2W ± 10% / meter;

12. Waterproof grade: IP20;IP65 Epoxy Coating;IP67 Silicone Tube

13.FPCB board size: width: 10 mm

14, FPCB color: white, black;

15.Weight: 0.4kg / roll;

16. Packing: 5meter / Roll

main feature:

1. Control principle: An IC controls an LED to form a loop (a group), and the controller controls the circuits in the FPCB through the control IC, thereby controlling different effects of the LED light bar changes; Clockwise, counterclockwise, monochromatic, color-changing, single chase from beginning to end, running water, simulated lightning, etc .; the effect of this light bar is not limited to the 300 effects built into the current controller, which can be customized according to customer needs , Write by yourself; arranged in the form of screen can display, text, letters, pictures, animation, and so on.

 2.Environmental protection and safety: Use high-quality and bright SMD 5050 LED. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat generation, no glare, and impact resistance. Low voltage DC 5V power supply, high safety and reliability.

 3. Rich and diverse colors can be adjusted arbitrarily through the controller according to customer needs.

4. Long service life: The average service life is 50,000 hours.

5. Cutting and welding are convenient and free: each group of LEDs can form a loop, which can be arbitrarily cut and welded along the tangent line above to meet the customer's requirements for various light bar lengths.

6. soft: using a soft FPCB board as the substrate, can be docked, bent, cut and fixed on the uneven surface at will.

7. light and thin: suitable for installation in narrow spaces.

  • Made in China
  • This LED Strip Lights Multicolor  is compatible to adopt in:

    USA 110vCompatible 110volt. This light is  certified

    EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt. This light is  certified

    AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt  certified

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