Collection: Table Lamps

As both a practical and decorative element, table lamps are an essential accessory for any living space, from the bedroom to the entryway. In a room with a high ceiling fixture, they can provide extra light while you read or work. In a space lacking direction, a decorative table lamp can add a pop of color and style. 

At Belecome,you can count on a handpicked assortment of unique and exclusive lamp designs from around the globe! Here, we recognize that table lamps are an important accessory for almost any room, not only for ambient or task lighting, but also to enhance the style and colors for the space. Consider a table lamp purchase as an integral element to your room's design scheme, bringing in accent color, texture, and a statement about your style. A beautiful crystal, porcelain or brass table lamp will evoke a classic traditional mood, while a metallic, glass, or concrete table lamp will set a more sleek modern tone.