Collection: Floor Lamps

If you have a chandelier or pendant light in your living room,then select oen of decorative floor lamps will be a must.A well-placed floor lamp can make a huge impact on the ambience of a room. These tall lights illuminate dark corners and warm up the overall tone of a space, as well as make great task lights. An arc floor lamp is a popular and elegant choice, whereas a chandelier floor lamp is a more decorative option. No matter what your stylistic preference is, shop the floor lamps for sale below, and light up your home!

Finally, great floor lamp task lighting that doesn't forget about the virtues of style and quality. Belecome can provide stylish floor lamps that cover the gamut from hot new trends to treasured antiques with unique vintage & repurposed pieces in between. The common thread that holds the entire collection together is strong task lighting: 100-150 watts in a well made fixture.

So, whether your preference is finding a reading light, like a timeless pharmacy lamp, or towards nostalgic & nautical, or even European minimalist style, you do not have to settle because our floor lamps are sure to please.We have LED and 3-way floor lamps, arc floor lamps, and torchiere floor lamps in styles that range from modern to traditional.Our quality floor lamps are designed to give you lots of light in shabby chic, polished & antique brass, nickel, and bronze finishes.