Collection: Ceiling Light

Ceiling lighting is more than just gorgeous chandeliers and discreet recessed lights; it's arguably the most practical and efficient way to light a home. Ceiling lights can illuminate entire rooms with minimal obstruction, Belecome can provide in both flush mounts that hug the ceiling directly and semi-flush, that drop down slightly to cast light across the ceiling, these valuable light fixtures hang 6” to 21” from the ceiling to allow for installation on lower 8’ to 9’ ceilings with ample clearance below. Our selection of ceiling lights includes an endless variety of metallic finishes including bronze, nickel, chrome, antique gold, tin and copper as well as unique materials like driftwood, shells, chicken wire, bamboo, and painted colors. Shaded options include silky sheer to burlap solids and geometric prints, with glass choices from recycled bottle to sparkling crystal, art glass and colored Murano glass. We have ceiling light selections to suit any decor, from kids themes with space travel, sports, dolphins, owls, bees and butterflies to Nautical themes with starfish, octopus, driftwood, shells and ship lanterns. From Modern and Industrial with metal mesh, engine fans and sleek sculptural designs to traditional and cottage themes with smoke bell lanterns, rustic twigs and antlers, vintage schoolhouse lights and our famous Moravian stars, you are sure to find a ceiling light to distinguish your lifestyle here at Shades of Light!