How to Select A Chandelier and What Size?

We often say "Action speaks louder than voice.That's why it's easier to make a statement in your space than ever to hang a chandelier.It seems these luxury lighting fixtures were only born for formal dining room,high-class restaurant and five-star Hotels.But now more and more designers are using chandeliers in every room of home -kitchens,bedrooms,living rooms,reading rooms,even the bathrooms.What kind of styles of the chandelier lightings fit your room perfectly, a constant popular crystal chandelier,trendy modern chandeliers,or wood chandeliers,read these below tips to help you to find out your favorite lighting fixture.

What styles of chandeliers can fit your taste perfectly?

Chandelier lightings have begun with the traditional chandeliers for a long time but it 
doesn't mean that traditional styles are your best choice.Because it depends on the design 
of your home's unique.If those can Cater to your taste and house personality,there are 
thousands of lightings for you to select.Here we will suggest you most popular styles 
recently in our online shop available:

  • Wood Chandeliers:The perfect combination of logs and metal, simple, exquisite surface treatment, no need to worry about the period of use.It can match everywhere freely.
  • Nordic Chandeliers:Try a Glass Bella Chandelier light or Aim suspension Ceiling Chandelier to give your space a nordic style and easy,cozy feel.
  • Modern Chandeliers:Select a shining black,pink,or blue color chandelier or something simple to give your home space a futurist feelings.
  • Contemporary Chandeliers:If you want samething more trendy?You can be bold to try sputnik chandeliers or round,square circle chandeliers.

What size should my chandelier be more suitable?

How to decide the size of your new light fixture is also a difficult problem.As our 
experience,the size depends on several key factors:

  • Room size:The overall size of the chandelier can not be too big or too small for the room where you are going to install.If you are guessing,you prefer something a little bigger to something smaller.Because too small looks urgly,uncoordinated and out of place.Here we have a method to do that.A general guideline to determine the ideal diameter is to add the width and length of your room together (in feet), then use that measurement in inches as the size of the light fixture. For example, a room that is 16feet by 13 feet would need a chandelier that’s 29 inches in diameter.
  • Height:We should take the height problem seriously.Because it determines you to select a large or small,high or low chandeliers.A higher ceiling affords itself better to a larger light fixture, but as a rule of thumb, chandelier light fixtures should hang no more than 7 feet from the floor, regardless of ceiling height. If it's hung above a surface, like a tabletop, give the surface and chandelier at least 30 to 32 inches of separation.
  • Placement:A general idea to determine the placement is to suspend it freely in the middle of the space or in an entryway or living space,referred to the room size point above.You will have a little more freedom when you extend your other furniture.Consider where you are going to place your new chandelier suspend lighting.If it's going over a piece of furniture,like a dining table or kitchen island,make sure it doesn't surpass the furniture itself.Search one that's about three-quarters the width of the object you're placing it over.

What other factors do we need to consider when we choose a chandelier?

Size is one of important factors we need to think over when we decide.However,there are 
really several factors what we also should refer to.

  • Weight:Weight is also another important factors when we choose lightings.We should take what weight of our ceiling of our house can bear into consideration and never overweight it.
  • Easy to clean:Cleaning is really a headach especially in a small limited space.If we are going to hang a chandelier light full of crystals over our bed in the bedroom,maybe we will spend a whole day to clean it in the future,and even we need to dissamble our bed before doing this.That's crazy.So a simple rule for it is that easily-cleaning chandelier lamp is for small place and hard-cleaning chandelier light fixture is for bigger place.
  • Finish:Finish is another factor of consideration.Wood color and plated finish are durable.Painted finish is easy to be rustic.And the finish color also must be in perfect harmony with the color of the room.When we select a modern chandelier for childrens,we generally follow this guideline:Pink color stands for gentle,beauty and is for girls.Blue stands for brave and fortitude and is for boys.

Get inspired with our design ideas for Chandeliers and find the perfect item for each room 
in your house.Shop from Chandeliers, like the MODERN LED CHANDELIER PENDANT LIGHTS 19", while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Chandeliers online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Belecome.

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