Secto Pendant Light with Wood for Kitchen

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Pendant light with wood is a large size yet slender and airy feel. It is a morden pendant light for kitchen or dining room. The wooden pendant light catches the eye immediately. And it provides inviting ambient lighting in any space. The pendant lights with wood are handmade in China from form-pressed Canada birch. The wood pendant lamps have clean Scandinavian silhouettes. And the wooden surface gives them a warm and appealing character. Secto wooden pendant light is designed by Belecome. We wanted to develop a softly filtering light. That doesn' Tdazzle but invites people to come closer. Belecome pendant lights emphasized space and environment. And we hope to create a unique atmosphere and feeling of closeness by our wooden pendant lights.
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  • Product Size
    Model A
    Size:Dia 20cm*H 20cm /Φ 7.9 inch*H 7.9 inch
    Size:Dia 35cm*H 32cm /Φ 13.8 inch*H 12.6 inch
    Size:Dia 45cm*H 42cm /Φ 17.7 inch*H 16.5 inch

    Model B
    Size:Dia 22cm*H 15cm /Φ 8.7 inch*H 5.9 inch
    Size:Dia 33cm*H 20cm /Φ 13 inch*H 7.9 inch
    Size:Dia 45cm*H 28cm /Φ 17.7 inch*H 11 inch
    Size:Dia 60cm*H 38cm /Φ 23.6 inch*H 15 inch

    Model C
    Size:Dia 20cm*H 30cm /Φ 7.9 inch*H 11.8 inch
    Size:Dia 25cm*H 45cm /Φ 9.8 inch*H 17.7 inch
    Size:Dia 30cm*H 60cm /Φ 7.9 inch*H 23.6 inch
    Size:Dia 35cm*H 63cm /Φ 13.8 inch*H 24.8 inch

    Model D
    Size:Dia 23cm*H 31cm /Φ 9 inch*H 12.2 inch
    Size:Dia 35cm*H 45cm /Φ 13.8 inch*H 17.4 inch
    Size:Dia 45cm*H 58cm /Φ 17.7 inch*H 22.8 inch

    Model E
    Size:Dia 30cm*H 26cm /Φ 11.8 inch*H 10.2 inch
    Size:Dia 45cm*H 40cm /Φ 17.7 inch*H 15.7 inch
  • Material: Birch/ Wooden
  • Light source: E27*1 LED 18W 
  • Weight: 3kg / 8.8lbs
  • Colour: Wooden(Available in white and black surfaces)
  • Process: Paint / Handmade
  • Cord length 150cm / 59 in extendable upon request
  • Made in China

This  Pendant Light with wood is compatible to use in:

USA 110vCompatible 110volt. This light is  certified

EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt. This light is  certified

AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt  certified