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Le Tre Streghe Pendant Light

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In a striking  elements, this Le Tre Streghe Pendant Light brings personality to your Home. And to your kitchen island,dining room,bedroom,living room even the bathroom.
Lighting Structure
The clear Murano glass Globe rests on the metal ring and mesh base,hanged by the steel cable cord. It could be adjustable at the canopy. The lighting is released from the crstal,at night like the magic ball of witch.
The design of the Le Tre Streghe Pendant Lamp enstammt written by Guenther light man. 3 designed the suspension lamp Le tre streghe HL hamburger restaurant in 1981. And distinct from its name, which translates from Italian "the three witches" means.
It was inspired. It was his idea of ​​a creative and individual illumination of the object. The operators of the restaurant were as excited as Tecnolumen. then integrated it into his lighting collection. 
Light Story
From their activity stimulated it is as a fortune teller. Crystal ball reminded at the end of the pendulum. It is to the zukunftsvorraussagende implement the witch.
Lamp Feature
1.This can call itself almost as an equal in the world of mortals. Because it was handmade from the famous Murano glass.
2. About the cylindrical reflector placed the ball. It breaks the light from the halogen lamp, creating an enchanting play of light in the room.
3.The reflector, in turn, allows the light act like a blazing flame. An element that you inevitably brings in conjunction with the already mentioned witch. 
4.We offers the Le tre streghe HL 3 in two finishes, so they can choose the gold-plated metal parts in chrome or brass.
5.You can choose whether to extend the pendulum by means of another rod optional up to 140 cm. If interested, please contact us.
6.Although it's perfect shape, the hanging lamp looks extravagant without appearing cluttered. Thereby it creates a unique play of light a very special ambience.
Here the light bulb is actually not where you expect it to be. Unless the light were on, you would assume the lighting. The light source would be the clear round glass hanging from the bottom. Instead this looks more like a piece of art than it does a pendant light. So beautiful.


  • Dia 15cm*H 150cm /Φ 5.9 inch*H59 inch
  • Metal Glass crystal
  • LED 5-8W 
  • 2kg / 4.4lbs
  • Colour Gold Transparent
  • Cord length 150cm / 59 in extendable upon request
  • Made in China
  • This Le Tre Streghe Pendant Light is compatible to be used in:

    USA 110vCompatible 110volt. This light is  certified

    EU EUcompatible/ UK UKcompatible 220~240volt. This light is  certified

    AU AustralianCompatible/ NZNewZealandCompatible 220~240volt  certified


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