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Belecome Orange Fox Portable Solar Power Stations 500W

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Belecome Orange Fox Portable Solar Power Stations come with 550WH capacity. So Portable solar generator Can power most of our daily appliances and many applications. Best ideas for LED lights, laptop, tablet, cell phone charging, drone, car fridge, fans, small digital appliances, lamps and live broadcasts, etc. Moreover,Portable battery power stations can also provide continuous power suport to larger appliances such as electric stoves, electric microwave ovens, air-conditioners, and refrigerators.

Our Portable Solar Power Station is powered by inside Lithium iron phosphate battery and can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It is a combination of battery power bank. The portable solar power station includes an AC input for charging electronic devices, one 12V DC 10A outputs for operating other equipment, 3 USB ports for charging cell phones, laptops or tablets, a 6ft AC plug that connects to a wall socket and can also be used as a 110V/220V AC outlet. It comes with a led light to use in the emergent illumination

Belecome Orange Fox Portable Solar Power Stations 500W can works with solar panel packs and full-charging time only needs several hours.

Portable solar generator with panels have three charging methods: Solar panel charge, 12V Car Charge and AC Power Charge. And it is a deal power bank for home emergency use. Compatible with many applications, equipment and home appliances.

This powerful and compact unit is the perfect solution to power your appliances while camping or on the go. With a padded handle, this unit is easy to carry, store and transport. Connect to any appliance that uses a 110v plug.

Belecome Portable Power Station 500W

Lithium iron phosphate battery cores are very stable, long life recyclying charge.Our portable power bank has overload and over-voltage dual protection.

Suitable for multiple applications:

outdoor power bank for camping


Portable power station for outdoor work

Portable power station for outdoor work

sloar storage power for power outage

storage power bank for car jump starter

storage power bank for car jump starter

storage power for outdoor performance

storage power for outdoor performance


Item No.: PS003

Product size: 500W: 265*164*205mm/10.4×6.5×8.1 in
Product weight: 500W/7kg
AC output voltage: 110V/ 220V
Plug: 110V US Plug 220V EU Plug
AC output power: 500W
Wireless charge: 15W
Battery capacity: 500Wh (43000mAh)
Charge time: More than 90% for adapter 8.5H more than 90% for Quick charge 2.5H
Temperature range for use: 0℃-45℃/32℉-113℉
Temperature range for storage: -5℃-35℃/23℉-95℉
DC output:
USB: 5V/3A
Type-c: 65W
QC3.0: 18W 12V/10A 13.8V/5A

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